In our online webinars, we cover a variety of topics and features of the FutureproofedCities tool. Learn more about the tool and rewatch any of our webinars to dive right in!

Webinar: How to use the newest features in FutureproofedCities

Update: March 2019 • 30 minutes


Find your way in our renewed features:

✨ Ready-to-use, inspirational climate actions (pre-calculated cost and emission savings)
📁 Archiving actions to keep the overview
📍 Easily add locations to actions
🔓 Access rights for every user 
📊 Export PDF reports
🌍 Multi-lingual public page for citizens
📈 Tracking how many people visit your public page (with Google Analytics)

Webinar: How to communicate your city’s climate plan to citizens

Update: February 2019 • 30 minutes


Discover how to use your public page (built-in in FutureproofedCities) to inform and engage companies and citizens within your city or municipality.

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

🚴🏻‍♂️ How to add actions in the tool
🚀 Set up and optimize (public) actions
👍 5 takeaways for a successful public page
🖥 Channels to get more citizen engagement

Webinar: Local wind as a motor for local energy transition (Dutch)

Update: June 2018 • 30 minutes


Discover (in Dutch) how to use energy cooperations to generate more wind energy in your city!
With special thanks to: REScoop Vlaanderen and the city of Eeklo.

Webinar: The power of energy cooperations (Dutch)

Update: March 2018 • 50 minutes


Webinar: How to engage companies in your climate plan (Dutch)

Update: Feb 2018 • 45 minutes