SBTi target setting

Embed science-based targets in your sustainability management with our help. We guide you through the process, ensuring your reduction ambitions are synchronized with SBTi’s global sustainability benchmarks.

Carbon reduction roadmap

After conducting a thorough analysis, our experts will propose effective carbon reduction strategies and programs, starting from the identified hotspots. During this process we also take investment scale and long-term returns into consideration.

Leveraging Sweco's extensive experience in diverse sustainable projects, we construct a practical, detailed roadmap tailored to your organization or municipality, aligning with your mission and vision. This roadmap serves as a comprehensive implementation guide, featuring a well-reasoned action plan with specific steps, to ensure a successful implementation.

Stakeholder engagement

Carbon action is a collaborative effort across cities and businesses, crucial for tackling scope 3 and supply chain impacts. We facilitate targeted engagements, enhancing dialogues with suppliers and customers to foster a cascade of improvements—from emissions mapping to sustainable practices. This approach not only benefits your organization but also empowers your entire network, driving collective advancements in sustainability.

Climate communication

Share your carbon reduction ambitions and stories in- and outside your company or with citizens and other stakeholders. We help you spread the word to boost awareness, support and action.

SDG and co-benefit analysis

Climate action not only mitigates damage but also enhances current living standards by providing better housing, reducing energy poverty, and creating jobs. It offers leaders a chance to drive significant, positive change while enabling tangible, short term benefits for their stakeholders. At Futureproofed we provide the tools and guidance to capitalize on these benefits, ensuring you see the immediate value of your sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability strategy development

Drive your business or city towards sustainable success by fundamentally integrating sustainability into your operational and strategic frameworks. Futureproofed is here to develop a personalized sustainability strategy that not only aligns with your unique identity but also bolsters your ongoing and future initiatives, ensuring tangible, long-lasting benefits.

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Futureproofed has the experience needed to offer valuable advice at this point. So, they’re well positioned to help us steadily progress on our net-zero journey.

Jan Verhaert
Sustainability project leader, Astra Sweets
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Futureproofed offers a unique and human approach by providing advice and expert support, helping coordinators understand each measure, whether carbon-related or financial, their evolution, and CO2 gains.

François Lejeune
Supra-municipal coordinator, In BW