The driving motor behind Futureproofed

We are Futureproofed, nice to meet you 👋🏻

At Futureproofed we bring people together who share a common purpose: fight climate change*.
We think it is possible, we know it must be done. We’re focused on changing what we can change, as much as we can, using the best possible tools.

But we also want to be as true as we can. Because we love what we do, enthusiasm comes naturally. What drives many of us can maybe be ascribed to a mix of activism, inspiration, business sense, emotional intelligence, science-based thoroughness, nerdy knowledge and independency.

We love life as it is. We have daily Fika’s (obligatory tea/coffee breaks ), which we may or may not enjoy on the rooftop of our building, where we share our stories or frustrations. We just love to see our customers making a difference! You’ll find us celebrating these successes as regulars in ‘Café Sport’ in Leuven.

*We believe we can help build a fossil-free future in which hundreds of thousands of local jobs are added that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI; where citizens experience more prosperity, comfort and quality of life and in which cities become more livable, more resilient and more attractive.


Serge de Gheldere
Sustainability visionnaire


Steven Van Praet
Change coach


Willem Delbare
IT Oracle


Mieke Priem
Sustainability coach


Elke Briers
Backing vocals


Laetitia Pirson
Product driver


Denise Jacobs
Customer success queen


Tarek El Azzouzi
European bridge builder


Steven Vervaet
Front-end connoisseur


Stephanie Van Breedam
SDG coach

Stef Vervaet

Stef Vervaet
Carbon fighter

DIY Julie.png

Julie Colback
Communication addict

Wim Michiels

Wim Michiels
Asia liaison


Antonio Arce-Romero
Awesome intern


Annabel Vanhoven
Awesome student


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