Kick off your net-zero journey today

Go net zero and futureproof your city or company with our climate tech platform. Built by experts, this easy-to use software makes measuring, reducing and reporting your carbon footprint a breeze.

Carbon management software

Over 350 other cities and businesses are already Futureproofed:

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A human approach to climate tech

There’s climate technology. There’s climate consultancy. Then there’s Futureproofed – a team with 15+ years of deep domain experience.

Our carbon management platform is not just built by our carbon experts, it also comes with their coaching and advice. Your win: a human approach to climate tech, making it easy and rewarding for you to take climate action.

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Carbon management from different perspectives

Cities and businesses carry a great responsibility for carbon reduction, although they do require a different approach. That’s why we’ve developed a tailored carbon management platform for each segment, services included.

For business

Lead your industry

Measure your carbon footprint, quickly. Build and implement your reduction roadmap. And publish investor-grade reports. Explore the benefits and features of our carbon management platform for businesses.

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For cities

Make your city a better place to live

Measure, reduce and report your carbon footprint, learn from other cities around the globe and get your citizens on board. Discover why the world’s leading cities trust our climate action technology.

Get started today!

Businesses that reduce their carbon footprint:

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Cities that take climate action:

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