Carbon footprint calculation

Understand the carbon footprint of your activities. Our experts will guide you to set up your company's structure per business unit and geography, define the relevant scopes and emission categories and choose appropriate emission factors so that you’re confident and ready to take action.

Emissions hotspot analysis

Choose your battles wisely, with the help of our coaches and engineers. Using the Futureproofed platform, they help you break down and categorize your greenhouse gas emissions sources to have the perfect baseline to decide on targets, impactful measures, and actions.

Scope 3 guidance

Our climate experts guide you through the process of mapping and calculating scope 3 carbon emissions. Understanding the full extent of your indirect emissions involves navigating activities from procurement to end-of-life stages. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and proven methodologies, our teams ensures your scope 3 assessment is comprehensive, capturing every relevant emission source and providing actionable insights for meaningful reduction strategies.

Double materiality assessment

Ready to look at the bigger picture? We will guide you to understand how your operations impact the environment and vice versa. A double materiality assessment not only ensures compliance with CSRD but also provides new insights – to open up new opportunities, and to build a solid foundation for your sustainability roadmap.

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Risk and vulnerability assessment

Mapping your risks and vulnerabilities is a first step toward addressing them. Work with our team to chart your potential risks and analyze, understand and prioritize them to then develop a mitigation strategy.

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CSRD gap analysis

 By assessing your current ESG practices against CSRD standards, we identify gaps and provide a roadmap for managing these issues effectively. This process involves reviewing your disclosures, processes, and controls, enabling action by management and governance leaders to meet CSRD requirements efficiently.

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We wanted to understand exactly how much carbon was lurking in our operations and supply chain, to then set actionable objectives and targets.

Hilde De Baere
HR Manager, Novasol Chemicals
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Futureproofed is flexible and attentive, actively leveraging their network. And most importantly, their expertise is remarkable.

François Lejeune
Supra-municipal coordinator, In BW