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Understand your city's carbon impact

Upload your city’s emission inventory, and or calculate with the build-in emission factors from our databases to quantify and complement your carbon impact. Specific needs? Our platform includes custom emission databases – and comes with guidance from our experts, whenever you need it.

Data collection Futureproofed for Cities

Streamlined, secure data collection

Collect data from various sources and invite colleagues and other stakeholders to collaborate. The audit trail feature ensures accuracy, reliability and peace of mind.

​​Comprehensive carbon footprint

Our hotspot analysis pinpoints major emission sources. Drill down, zoom in and learn how to prioritize your actions to reduce your city's carbon footprint on a whole new level.

Your city’s yearly CO2 evolution

Visualize your city's annual CO2 emissions journey firsthand. Track both validated and predicted emissions alongside the alignment with the 1.5°C target.

Carbon sequestration

With Genvision's AI model, you can also measure and predict carbon sequestration. This allows you to see precisely how CO2 is being captured by nature, factoring in variables like nature type, age, and area, providing you with comprehensive insights into your environmental impact.

Want to learn more? Follow our webinar on Thursday, June 13.
Data collection Futureproofed for Cities

Develop a climate plan to fit your needs

Tailor your climate action plan to your city’s needs and objectives. Our SaaS platform and city climate coaches help you define measures and actions, compare costs and (co-)benefits and prioritize actions. Your win? A plan that’s both impactful and achievable.

Overview of measures and actions

Choose from our list of measures, add custom measures to match your objectives, consider their impact and co-benefits and support them with actions.

Flexible climate plan management

Your city, your climate plan. Design individual plans or group them in line with your objectives. Time for change? Adapt and tailor your plans as you advance.

View financial return and co-benefits of your city’s climate action

Quickly get a view on the potential co-benefits of decarbonizing for your city and its inhabitants. Understand the financial investment needs and return potential of individual measures or the climate plans as a whole to prioritise high impact, high return actions.
Flexible plan creation Futureproofed for Cities

Collaborate to engage, inspire and learn

Invite your colleagues to co-create a climate plan, communicate with citizens and other stakeholders to engage them and share experiences with other cities.

Public page

Raise awareness about your efforts to get broad support. Automatically publish your climate plan and progress to the public, share your stories, customize it or embed it in your city’s website and spread the word.

Futureproofed user community

Got a question or remark? Have a story to share? Join our online user community and get inspired by city climate teams just like yours on how to advance your sustainability efforts.

Futureproofed group app

Working with a group of cities or regional organizations? Our platform simplifies the aggregation and visualization of your group’s climate activities and progress. This enables targeted support where it’s most needed and fosters peer exchanges to share lessons learned and successes.
Collaboration Futureproofed for cities

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Futureproofed is a real asset for keeping a close eye on the progress of our municipality in the Climate Plan. It allows us to see the actions and measures implemented, their impact, recurrence and novelty.

Valentine Antoine
Environmental Project Manager, Marche-en-Famenne

All the measures in cities' climate plans are quite complex and extensive. Being able to keep a good overview of that is only possible with a tool like Futureproofed.

Pascal Moons
Climate Policy Expert, City of Vilvoorde
Testimonial logo

Futureproofed allows to break down the energy-climate approach. This great flexibility is one of the main assets and allows you to move forward when you want to advance, and not to be stuck on a particular schedule.

François Lejeune
Supra-municipal coordinator, in BW

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How to finance climate adaptation measures

Cities struggle to finance their climate action adaptation measures and often have to work around common challenges like low financial returns.

💰 How to finance climate adaptation measures

Cities struggle to finance their climate action adaptation measures and often have to work around common challenges like low financial retur

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Olivia Rhye
20 Jan 2024

UX review presentations

How do you create compelling presentations that wow your colleagues and impress your managers?
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Olivia Rhye
20 Jan 2024

UX review presentations

How do you create compelling presentations that wow your colleagues and impress your managers?
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Olivia Rhye
20 Jan 2024

UX review presentations

How do you create compelling presentations that wow your colleagues and impress your managers?

Every city has a carbon story.

Let's write a brighter, more sustainable chapter with Futureproofed.