We’ve got your back

From guiding you through the tool to solving problems within your city: we’ll help you succeed.

Having trouble with the tool or climate actions? Or need an extra opinion on how to finance your plans and convince team members? That’s where our job starts.


FutureproofedCities help

For all questions about how to use the tool, our help center is continuously updated (available in EN, NL, FR).

Couldn’t find an answer or just in the mood to chat? Feel free to click the orange button in the tool at any time and ask your question to our customer success queen Denise. We answer within 5 minutes (during business hours - we actually do sleep at night too 😴).

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My favourite part of the tool is the live chat where you can address all of your questions. The team really helps me and my colleagues solve each bottleneck.

Community support


Need some advice from your partners in crime?

Consult the in-tool community. Discuss topics, ask for second opinions or get inspired by other cities’ actions. There are 62 other cities working on the same stuff, who are within reach and happy to help you!


Support sessions

We believe in face-to-face contact. Therefore, we provide in-person support sessions to help you out - from demonstrating how to use the tool in the very beginning to organizing work sessions where you can come work without being distracted. Take time to add your city’s latest measures and actions in the tool while our team is standing by to lend a hand.



Our welcome session. You’ll learn how to use the tool: add measures and actions, invite team members and share actions with citizens.

Undisturbed working


Some quality time between you, the tool and our team. Update measures and actions without being distracted, and ask your questions right away.


Struggling with something? We provide additional coaching to help you and your colleagues conquer the challenges.

Working at a local authority?

Try FutureproofedCities for free for your municipality, city or region.