Many companies are in the process of defining their strategy by going through the same management process as the previous year. Others are developing a new project with a multi-stakeholder team. Most companies are at risk of being trapped in their own structure or failing to identify new opportunities.

Futureproofed supports you during your entire project on a personal basis. We support you in the ideation phase where we focus on opportunities arising from a sustainable mindset. We focus on circular and fossil-free ideas which deliver economic value. We are not afraid to challenge your internal processes, thinking patterns, project solutions or business model.


The support is always in the form of a personal sparring partner from Futureproofed. We select him based on the specific expertise needed for your project. The expert is backed up by the Futureproofed team which can support him with calculations, research, etc. It is also possible to take the best of us on a long term basis as a board member for example.