Sustainable innovation with Recticel

The Context
Recticel is one of the top-three worldwide polyurethane foam manufacturers and provides products and solutions to customers all over of the world. Under the motto "The passion for comfort", Recticel, strives to make an essential difference in the daily comfort of everyone. The Group, as a unique whole, concentrates on four selected fields of application: Flexible foams, Bedding, Insulation and Automotive. Although the Group mainly produces semi-finished products (Flexible foams and Automotive), in a number of divisions it also manufactures finished goods and durable goods for end users in several divisions (Bedding and Insulation).

The Challenge
End of 2012 Recticel realised the need to develop sustainability as an essential strategy for their business. They wanted to stay ahead of external risks and provide extra value for their customers. Could Futureproofed guide 2 business lines in a journey towards a vision on sustainability? Recticel chose Futureproofed because of our innovative approach to combine their business challenges with sustainability, bringing it to the core of Recticel, beyond the traditional Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Trajectory

  • Mapping
    By mapping the environmental impact of the 2 business lines, we delivered 2 value chain carbon footprints. We also exposed the business challenges by interviewing internal key players and external stakeholders.

  • Workshops and brainstorming
    Directive brainstorming sessions combined the business challenges with the environmental impact. The Futureproofed methodology combined several workshops and brainstorming sessions to improve products and develop new business models and products. This methodology helped to bring Recticel's ideas 'down to earth' and will result in the development of a sustainable strategy (in progress).

  • Awareness presentation
    During awareness sessions for the Recticel people, the mindset was changed from ‘reactive’ to ‘pro-active’, turning sustainability into an operational and strategic innovation driver.

Results and Resolutions
Recticel top- and middle management took on sustainability as a key strategy for improving their products and developing new business, creating value for Recticel and society.

Reticel 1.png
Reticel 3.png

“We decided to implement shared value in our core strategy.
We asked Futureproofed to help us shape and implement this strategy. They tailored their proven methodology to our specific needs through a careful workshop preparation. I really feel their approach made sustainability a key innovation driver in the minds of our people.
The result of the work Futureproofed did for these two business lines will serve as an example for the whole group. We have chosen the path of sustainability for our future.”

— Jean-Pierre De Kesel, Chief Sustainability Officer


Country: Belgium & international
Client: Recticel
Sector: Polyurethane foams
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sustainability storytelling & awareness; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2013