(Prime)water's LCA and visualisation

The Context
Primewater is specialised in drinking water purification and legionella prevention since 1998. Their filters combine active carbon an patented membrane technology to ensure both the quality and the taste of the filtered water. It recently introduced the new Fontinet in-line two step waterfilter as a consumer alternative to PET bottled water. The Fontinet filters municipal tap water to improve the taste and eliminate contaminants.

The Challenge
The go to market of the Primewater Fontinet for households was supported by three studies assessing the functionality, economics and environmental impact of the waterfilter. Primewater wanted to compare the environmental impact of the waterfilter with PET bottled water. This would help Primewater demonstrate the environmental benefits of their Fontinet product.

LCA 1.png

The Trajectory

  • Life cycle assessment
    Futureproofed delivered a peer reviewed (Vito) LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of both the Fontinet and the PET bottled water. We compared the environmental impact of 1 liter drinking water consumed by households when they would use the Fontinet or PET bottled water. The complex value-chains were mapped in an inventory and modelled using the SimaPro software. In addition to the LCA, a sensitivity analysis was performed on the important parameters to rule out uncertainty influences.

  • Storytelling
    Because the LCA will also be used as a communication tool, the results had to be made clear from a consumer point of view. This resulted in a deck of visuals created by Futureproofed which can be integrated in Primewater's communication strategy.

Results and Resolutions
The overall Life Cycle Impact of municipal Fontinet filtered water is 33 times better than natural sourced water from single use disposable PET bottles. This study strengthens Primewater's business case to switch from PET bottled water towards Fontinet Filtered water and provides valuable insights to direct future improvements in the production process of the Fontinet


“Primewater has a proven track-record in the B2B market for water purification. We believed the introduction of Fontinet to the consumer market needed extra leverage and therefore contacted Futureproofed to study Fontinet’s environmental Impact. Futureproofed not only confirmed the huge advantage in comparison to PET bottled water, they also provided very clear visuals to support our communication strategy. It is very convincing for your customer to have your added value so clearly visualised.”

— Joop Scharstuhl, founder of Primewater


Country: Belgium
Client: Primewater
Sector: Water filtration
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2014

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