Opportunities arising from a carbon footprint for Van Hoecke

The Challenge
Van Hoecke manufactures drawers and drawer dividers and has established itself as a market leader in kitchen fittings. A major factor behind it strong position is its focus on specialising and technological innovations, which has been awarded by the Belgian sector organisations with the title of Factory of the Future in 2016.
Although many actions have yet been taken by Van Hoecke to operate their business in the most sustainable way, there was a lack of clear insight in the real impact of their efforts. Therefore, Van Hoecke asked Futureproofed to help them to calculate the carbon footprint of their organisation. The objective of the analysis was to visualise the results of their carbon reduction measures and to get a better view of their major impact categories.

The Trajectory
Information was gathered for Scope 1 & 2 emissions (own operations and electricity production), together with relevant data for Scope 3 emissions (upstream and downstream activities). The study also looked into the avoided emissions of the purchase of renewable energy, the introduction of hybrid cars and the use of recyclable packaging. Futureproofed also analysed the carbon footprint of three different types of drawers.

Results and Resolutions
The analysis of the carbon footprint of Van Hoecke’s value chain provided a good insight in their key impact areas. The effects of previous actions to green their energy and car policy and to introduce recyclable packaging were clearly visible. The study highlighted the importance of material use and confirmed the reduced impact of their new product, the wooden Ta’or drawer. For each major impact category, Futureproofed proposed a number of carbon reduction initiatives that could further reduce the impact of Van Hoecke’s activities. 

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“The vision of our company states that our highest goal is to safeguard our existence beyond many future generations. Everything we do should therefore contribute to the sustainable growth of our company’s environment: our people, our suppliers but also our responsibility to our society. After meeting Steven and Mieke from Futureproofed we finally found the right partners to give us a detailed view on our impact to that society. No “greenwashing” or fluffy messages but straight forward data without the loss of the economic goal: increase our profit by contributing to the welbeeing of the people around us, making plans to become even better and grow in a sustainable way.”

— Peter Van Hoecke, CEO Van Hoecke


Country: Belgium
Client: Van Hoecke
Sector: Hardware store
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2016