Microsoft, CSR and new business opportunities

The Context
Microsoft wanted to lift its CSR plans to the next level. Up to now they focused on internal travel and waste policy mainly. Futureproofed proposed to look at CSR from the perspective of a business opportunity : what products could Microsoft develop to help their customers manage sustainability. What is the size of the market for this ? They asked Futureproofed to analyze the impact green arguments will have on the sales of existing products.

The Challenge
How can CSR create new business opportunities in terms of sales and market development? What products and markets can it boost ?

The Trajectory
During the project, Microsoft cancelled the Corporate Social Responsibility department as a local responsibility to enhance their plans at international level.

  • First bits. Futureproofed identified different fields of opportunity.

  • Second bytes. Aligning these with Microsoft’s long-term vision brought them closer to effective sales acts.

Results and Resolutions
By shifting the focus from ethics to new business opportunities, Microsoft created an internal motivation for sustainability.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We learned how to introduce a business perspective to sustainability. We also kicked of a parallel track to start sizing the market opportunity for CO2management tools, smart grids, …

Country: Belgium
Client: Microsoft
Sector: ICT
Services: Sustainable business innovation
Year: 2011