Environmental impact of constructions (Machiels)

The Context
Machiels Building Solutions develops and produces walls, floors and roofing components for constructions, made exclusively from timber frames or in combination with concrete or steel. The company wants to make sustainable building accessible for construction companies, project developers and private clients.

The Challenge
How to find out the environmental impact of lightweight modular timber constructions? Especially when compared to a typical brick wall?

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The Trajectory

  • Knocking on wood. Futureproofed calculated the carbon footprint of the production of 150 houses. The heating of the factory-hall (scopes 1 & 2) and the energy efficiency rating of the house (scope 3) had the largest impact on the environment.

  • Thick as a brick. Futureproofed compared the life cycle of a timber frame wall and a brick wall: from raw materials to arrival at the construction site.The study revealed that timber frames have 2.5 times less impact than a comparably performing brick wall.

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Results and Resolutions
Machiels Building Solutions have already substantially reduced their carbon footprint in 2010. Their study brought about a healthy debate in the industry. Since then the company has been able to defend its claim of CO2neutral wall for one segment.

Country: Paal, Belgium
Client: Machiels Building Solutions
Sector: Building
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2011

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