Cradle-to-grave LCA of Bulo's desk

The Context
BULO is a office furniture manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. The company has always been focussed on high-end designer furniture. Their price, quality and service still outperform the competition. Although locally manufactured design is the major trademark, environmental legislation and customer demand for sustainability have gained in importance.

The Challenge
The aim of this study is to screen the environmental effects during the cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment of one Kei Desk. This LCA screening should provide a comprehensive assessment related to the interaction with the environment of chemicals found in, used or consumed in the manufacturing process, in the context of making a choice of methods & materials.

The Trajectory
An extensive inventory assessment has been performed on the Kei Desk's production parts. Through SimaPro, an impact assessment was performed resulting in an Ecopoint score for each step in the value chain. The Kei Desk was furthermore compared to a model made with the more environmentally friendly Egger MDF.

Results and Resolutions
This LCA prepares BULO for the future. Environmental opportunities were uncovered and quantified in the production process eventually leading to practical recommendations to reduce the environmental impact. A list of overall recommendations was also formulated to aid in future strategic choices.

Bulo 2.png
Jan aerts.png

“As a high-end office furniture manufacturing company, we always have been pioneers in the business. Sustainability was the next step in innovating our products. Futureproofed’s study gave us valuable insights in which aspects of the production process had significant reduction potential. They not only pinpointed these hotspots but also quantified them. We are now using their insights in every new product design to ensure our clients only get the best.”

— Jan Aerts, creative manager BULO


Country: Belgium & international
Client: BULO
Sector: Office furniture
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2014

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