Circular Coalition: 
Masterclass Circular Business

The Context 
In October 2016 a Circular Coalition was formed with business partners from the Netherlands and Belgium who signed up a letter of intention to collaborate for the transition to a Circular Economy. The objective of the coalition was to share knowledge and expertise and to connect the value chains from different organisations. As part of this program, a number of masterclasses were organised to get a better understanding of the various aspects of circular businesses. As an expert in the transition towards a fossil-free and circular economy, Futureproofed has been involved in this coalition since the start of the program and organised a masterclass on circular business models for its members.  

About twenty participants from different industry sectors and local governments (Cargill, City of Rotterdam, Carglass, National Railway NS, Schiphol Airport, Post NL, Hejmans,…) attended the Masterclass in Utrecht. Through practical examples, Futureproofed showed that a circular economy is far more than just closing the loops and that circular strategies are a must to become more resilient in a rapidly changing environment. Through face-to-face interactions, the participants were stimulated to think about mutual value propositions in a circular economy applying the principles of slowing, narrowing and closing value chains. In the group sessions they subsequently designed a circular value proposition using a systemic value chain approach and developed a new business model canvas to further refine their business idea.

The participants got to understand the mutual benefits and challenges to collaborate with other partners towards more circular value chains. They learned to use hands-on tools for further implementation within their own organisations.the key insights and the practical exercises from the workshop, the participants were provided with new tools to find collaboration opportunities with clients and partners and to support them in the shift towards a circular economy. 


“Nice interaction and practical examples”

“I liked the exercise with the icons, this is something I want to apply in my own organisation”

“The team discussions about the implementation of circular business models were top”

“II already followed a number of workshops on the Circular Economy but this one really stands out”

— Participants


Country: The Netherlands
Client: Circular Coalition
Sector: Various sectors
Service: Business Innovation modelling
Year: 2017