Carbon footprint reduction manual for Torfs

The Context
Schoenen Torfs is a SME with over 500 employees, 65 stores and … a deep social awareness. They have partnerships with social and ecological organisations such as Cunina and Natuurpunt. Now they want to tackle their CO2 emissions.

The Challenge
How can you turn good intentions into actual CO2 reduction while going beyond energy and transportation? And how can you motivate your employees to contribute to this effort at work and at home?

The Trajectory

  • Stepping in their shoes. We calculated the scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint.

  • Making it fit. After that we drew up a roadmap with feasible reduction opportunities, situated over the next few years. This roadmap originated new ideas for product centred sales strategies.

  • Step by step. We also developed a ‘reduction manual’ for the personnel.

  • Giant leaps. During the staff days at the Antwerp Zoo, a Futureproofed climate quiz raised awareness amongst the employees.

Results and Resolutions
Schoenen Torfs is now able to implement reduction opportunities in its planning for the coming years. The high motivation amongst the employees will help them to achieve their ecological goals.

And what have we learned for your benefit? Working with motivated, interested, engaged and passionate people is stimulating and fun.

wouter torfs.png

“The mission of Schoenen Torfs is ‘People, planet, profit’. It is therefore logical that we want to tackle our CO2 footprint. In Futureproofed we found the perfect partner. Not only they made us a very clear audit with very concrete recommendations on CO2 reduction, but they also played an important role in raising awareness of our employees. No theoretical consultants in suits, but men & women of flesh and blood that touched the hearts of the Torfs community... and that is essential for a company that goes for change!”

— Wouter Torfs, CEO Schoenen Torfs


Country: Belgium
Client: Schoenen Torfs
Sector: Retail, Distribution
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2011

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