Bostoen ecovillages' environmental performance

The Context
Bostoen is a contractor committed affordable, turn-key passive housing. In an effort to offer ever more environmentally friendly, comfortable and affordable housing solution, Bostoen took their vision one step further by introducing their Ecovillage development. This development offers only passive housing, all south-facing in a neighborhood developed around a spine of biodiverse green with special attention towards biodiversity, shared location and user value, rainwater catching and mobility issues.

The Challenge
A new concept is great, but how can you validate this new claim? Particularly the scope of biodiversity? How do you measure this and – also very important – how do you communicate the story?

The Trajectory
Futureproofed mapped the environmental performance of a typical ecovillage using two complementary approaches: a Life Cycle Assessment, and an estimation of the value of ecosystem services such as buffering against heavy rains, purifying the air from toxins and particulate matter, offering acoustic comfort and access to nature for recreational purposes etc...
This gave us lots of answers:

  • We got sight of the green public areas and the value of gardens.

  • We got track of the facilities Bostoen has to offer and the knowledge they need, to have an impact on the behaviours of the inhabitants.

  • We calculated the price inhabitants are willing to pay for a green environment.

  • We discovered the startling value of the ecosystem services offered all year round to inhabitants of an Ecovillage.

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 Results and Resolutions
Because of the validation, Bostoen can take their ecovillages to the next phase: selling the concept and convincing municipalities of the added value and the validation of their projects. Bostoen aims to have 14 Ecovillages approved and initiated in 2012!

And what have we learned for your benefit? The ins and outs of qualifying ecosystem services and biodiversity. We now also fully grasp the importance of transport and location of housing developments.

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“As a company with a very strong commitment to sustainable solutions, both in housing (passive & zero energy) and districts (ecovillage), a screening from Futureproofed is an absolute must. Not only for optimizing purposes, but also to make things measurable.”

— Stefaan Bostoen, CEO Bostoen


Country: Belgium
Client: Bostoen
Sector: Housing, Building
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2011

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