Bayer's energy audit

The Context
Bayer Bioscience of Ghent is the Belgium branch of the German firm Bayer. The company wants to activate all 300 employees in reducing the carbon footprint – at an operational level.

The Challenge
The arena, in which this transition needs to take place, is unusual. The company is mainly constituted of laboratories on plants: a specific infrastructure with HVAC and extraordinary usage of light.

The Trajectory
How can the carbon footprint be dusted in such sterile places?

  • Under the microscope. Futureproofed mapped out the yearly carbon footprint of Bayer Bioscience.

  • Towards a cure. This resulted in a roadmap with 30 of some actionable and operational opportunities of reducing CO2 – including cost calculations and ROI per opportunity.

  • Catalytic role. Lectures and communication helped to spread the word throughout the firm and turned the employees from bystanders to active participants.

Results and Resolutions
Bayer has already implemented a lot of these opportunities: from changes in car policy to optimizing the new building. They ordered an energy audit that will help them improve their building’s infrastructure.

And what have we learned for your benefit? How to empower a whole company thus ensuring continuous sustainable progress. We also learned how to work for an R&D-department in a specific infrastructure and we gained business intelligence in mapping.

Country: Ghent, Belgium
Client: Bayer Bioscience
Sector: Research
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2010