Barometer on the sustainable behaviour (OVAM)

The Context
OVAM is the Public Waste Agency of Flanders. In order to inspire their policy, OVAM wanted to set up a barometer on the sustainable behaviour of Flemish households. Is the citizen responsible? In what measure do the OVAM-actions have an impact? What should be the next focus?

The Challenge
How to gauge the link between intention and effective action in research ?

Ovam 1b.jpg

The Trajectory
Futureproofed performed a quantitative market research on 1000 Flemish households, focussing on their sustainable consumption behaviour.

Results & Resolutions
55% of the Flemish households consider the environmental impact in their daily consumption behaviour, with a growth intention to 70%. Respondents are too quickly satisfied with the level of their actions though. These intentions help OVAM to define its policy.

And what have we learned for your benefit? Research should gauge for concrete actions and intentions where it matters: energy, mobility and food. This can lead to concrete policies in those areas.

Country: Belgium
Client: OVAM
Partner: IVox, Drobots
Sector: General consumption
Services: Sustainable business innovation; Sustainability storytelling & awareness