Sustainable business innovation with Agfa

The Context
DRUPA is the annual international fair for the printing industry. During the 2012 edition, Agfa talked about sustainable development and gave testimonials on sustainability in the printing industry. For this occasion, they asked Futureproofed to write 20 inspiring pages about sustainable business innovation.

The Challenge
Writing an easy to comprehend text that carries the reader from a general perspective to runway actions, through which the reader will learn the necessity of redefining business in the 21st century.

The Trajectory

  • Content. Every topic revolves around an engaged client or a company that successfully managed the sustainability shift. From hyperlocalization over blue oceans to ecosystems services destruction.

  • Form. Along the way, we worked closely with Agfa’s graphic design and external manager’s team.

AGF_Sustainable business innovation_2.jpg
AGF_Sustainable business innovation_4.jpg

Results & Resolutions
The text resulted in a high craft book from Rudy van Hoey with attractive and surprising images, inspirational cases and the story of sustainable vision – moving sustainable business innovation towards runway actions.

And what have we learned for your benefit? We experienced being part of a vision, we enhanced our network and got the drive to activate ourselves even more in this new economy.

Country: Belgium & International
Client: Agfa Graphics
Sector: Printing Industry, Publication
Services: Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2012