Masterclass Circular Business

The Challenge 
Renewi was created in March 2017 by the merger of Shanks Group and Van Gansewinkel Group. With their new team of 8,000 employees and their large experience in waste management and services, they are the largest waste-to-product business in Europe. As they increased the breadth of their company, they are looking for new business opportunities to making valuable products from waste and to strengthen their support services.

About 40 key account and business development managers participated in this practical workshop. As an introduction, Futureproofed provided key insights in business strategies to slow, narrow and close resource streams using clear case examples. The participants then split into four teams to develop a new value proposition related to the specific business opportunities for Renewi. Futureproofed facilitated these breakout sessions with tools and support to design new circular value chains and networks and to explore the key elements of their business idea. All ideas were presented to the group by the end of the day.

Outcomes for Renewi
With the key insights and the practical exercises from the workshop, the participants were provided with new tools to find collaboration opportunities with clients and partners and to support them in the shift towards a circular economy.


“Futureproofed sketched a very interesting framework on how to use circular business models, using real-life examples. Subsequently, it was up to us to bring this theory to practice in small groups. Using whiteboards and icons we drew a business model, which we further refined using the business model canvas. This was all done under the professional supervision of Serge and Mieke. Very inspiring and practical to use.”

— Gilbert de Raad, Marketing Manager Renewi

Country: The Netherlands
Client: Renewi
Sector: Waste management
Service: Business Innovation modelling
Year: 2017