Pilot dashboard for GE Lighting

GE Lighting's new products
GE Lighting pioneered the electrical lighting revolution at the end of the 19th century and continues this bright history of successful lighting innovations. In more recent years the popularity of LED lighting and the internet of things are changing the market drastically. GE Lighting is using these new systems to save energy for cities and companies.

How to turn data into insights?
As mentioned in the Illuminated Minds talks, GE has been partnering with start-ups and small businesses to accelerate technology development cycles. For their new LED system solutions they wanted to show the real time savings in energy, cost and carbon for GE's clients. GE Lighting asked Futureproofed to set up a system to analyse these large datasets, and verify and visualise the results into comprehensible real time dashboards. The goal was to make a pilot dashboard for the Lighting Experience Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

Futureproofed Dashboard solution

  • Design sprint in 3 days
    Futureproofed accepted the challenge, hopped on a plane and joined GE Lighting in the Lighting Experience Centre in Budapest for a three day design sprint with the project lead from GE Lighting. We built up team understanding of the problem, sketched competing solutions built prototypes and quickly tested them. The needed data was collected and combined with historical extrapolations. Automated connections with the local ERP system were also explored and prepared. Because we were on site full time, we were able to discuss the results and improve them through several iterations of testing with the GE project lead. 

  • Dashboards
    Three dashboards were designed giving different insight to different profiles: a project roll-out overview, geographical maps, drill down tables, detailed evolutions, evaluation sheets with relevant KPI's, etc. Three different dashboards were designed. One for the project leader and it shines a light on the project roll-out. A second one for the customer to analyse the savings for all the departments through geographical maps and drill downs. The third is the most detailed and is for each individual customer department to read out and act upon the evolution of the savings in his department.

Result for GE Lighting
This local three day design sprint resulted in three clear, compelling and actionable dashboards. The customers of GE Lighting in this way receive information from raw data, filtered for each management level, verified by Futureproofed and made actionable through relevant insights and KPI's. The dashboards are now used as an integral part of the system's offering to customers by GE Lighting.

GEL_pilot dashboard_2.png
GEL_pilot dashboard_3png.png

“GE Lighting is pivoting from a product manufacturer to a system solution provider focussed on customer outcomes. I believe Futureproofed did a great job because they were able to analyse, verify and visualise the results we deliver with our systems. Futureproofed is a very hands-on and agile company with visionary ideas. Their approach really helped us to propel this project forward.”

— Stefano Chiavegati, EMEA Marketing Director at GE Lighting


Country: Hungary and international
Client: GE Lightning
Sector: Industrial lightning
Services: Sustainable business innovation; Carbon & environmental management; Sparring, coaching
Year: 2015

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