Catalisti: Sustainability Screening Tool

The Challenge
Catalisti, the new spearhead cluster organisation to stimulate innovation in the chemical, plastics and biotechnology sector, aims to support partnerships for collaborative innovation projects. In the early stages of these innovation trajectories a detailed environmental assessment using Life Cycle Assessment methodology is often too complex or irrelevant as environmental data are unavailable or inaccurate. Catalisti asked Futureproofed to support them with the development of an assessment tool that does not require intensive data research, but still helps to screen the environmental impact of projects in their early development stage.

CAT_Sustainability Screening Tool_2.png

In a preliminary meeting with Catalisti, the main objectives for the tool were defined and a concept version was developed by Futureproofed including a selection of environmental criteria and a proposal for quantitive and qualitative assessment. This concept version was discussed with several members of Catalisti in an interactive brainstorm session. The session focused on the alignment of the tool with the strategic objectives of Catalisti and their stakeholders, the scope and the level of data requirements. 

Based on these insights, a draft version of the tool was developed by Futureproofed, which was further tested with several knowledge institutes and innovation partners from the chemistry sector by means of an interactive workshop.

Outcomes for Catalisti
Futureproofed delivered a pragmatic screening and monitoring tool to help Catalisti and the project partners gain a better insight in the environmental benefits and areas of improvement of their project


“With Catalisti, the innovation cluster for Chemistry and Plastics in Flanders, we strive for a competitive and sustainable industry with an innovative power of world class. We set up and support collaborative innovation projects between companies that have sustainability as a major driver. In order to be able to evaluate project proposals with regard to their environmental impact, we were looking for a pragmatic assessment tool. Futurproofed helped us not only be designing a tool that met our criteria, but also by guiding a process of stakeholder involvement to come to a result that is broadly supported.”

— Tine Schaerlaekens - Innovation Catalisti

Country: Belgium
Client: Catalisti
Sector: Chemistry
Service: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2017