Durabrik - From vision to performance

The Context
Durabrik is a construction company, building houses and neighbourhoods for you to feel home. They have already made a big step forward by focussing on low-energy buildings, sustainable neighbourhoods and energy renovations.

The Challenge
Nevertheless not all employees, customers and stakeholders were aware of Durabrik’s initiatives on sustainable constructions. The challenges were enormous to make everybody part of the same story, internally as well as externally. This is where Futureproofed came into play.

The Trajectory
Futureproofed established a strategy in which the core of Durabrik’s sustainable construction appears clearly to every reader. This story is inspirational and shows the added value to vendors, employees and customers at the same time. 

How have we achieved this? Starting from our previous project, we have highlighted the co-benefits of each sustainable feature! To live in a sustainable neighbourhood means, above all, to choose for a peace of mind in all areas: functional (comfort living with low living costs), emotional (“I feel good because I cleverly use energy”) and social ("I'm a 21st century citizen and I do my part”).

Results and Resolutions
The vision of Durabrik has been translated into a story. This helped to communicate transparently and build trust, while filling customers needs and making them feel good about their positive choice.


“Futureproofed helped Durabrik Group to further define its main strategic sustainability features for its construction and site development features. In this way, Durabrik is now differentiating itself from other turnkey contractors in the Belgian construction market.”

— Steven Vanden Brande, Durabrik Group

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Country: Belgium
Client: Durabrik
Sector: Building
Service: Sustainability storytelling and awareness
Year: 2016