Innovation conference for DEME

The Context
In 2015 and 2018, Futureproofed joined DEME's innovation conference, DEMEx, in Rotterdam and Köln. In 2016, DEME Group organised another three-day conference about partnering.

The Challenge 
DEME group wanted to explore how to create more value out of the partnerships with existing and new external stakeholders. 


The Trajectory
In this convention, Futureproofed took care of the program and speaker selection. The goal was to inspire and challenge the audience and to reflect on the situation today. Next to speakers, workshops to brainstorm and improve stakeholder opportunities.

Results and Resolutions
Next to being inspired,  many innovative ideas were explored and elaborated during the workshops, resulting in 42 new projects presenting future opportunities.

In the end, this conference triggered team recognition, inspiration, motivation, buy-in and connectedness.


“Think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective. Serge and his team assisted us in the organisation of a three-day conference in Rotterdam. We experienced Futureproofed as a highly professional and competent facilitator. They’ve challenged our employees and I was more than happy with the quality of new ideas that came out of the conference. Plans are already underway for a next event”

— Alain Bernard - Former CEO DEME


“Futureproofed assisted us in the conception and organisation of a convention on innovation for DEME. Serge and his team were very pro-active, quickly familiarised themselves with the very specific challenges, and moreover, really helped us define ways to turn these challenges into opportunities for our company over the course of the process. I cannot recommend Futureproofed enough as project facilitators - their input and structured approach enabled our employees to come up with no less than 1600 innovative ideas resulting in 200 potential opportunities. Futureproofed will continue to accompany us in refining these further.”

— Philip Hermans, General manager DEME


“Futureproofed has supported DEME and GeoSea to discover the real force of innovation, always in line with true sustainability!”

— Luc Vandenbulcke, Deputy COO, Managing Director GeoSea


Country: The Netherlands, Germany
Client: DEME
Sector: Dredging, Environmental & marine engineering
Services: Sparring, coaching; Sustainable business innovation
Year: 2015, 2016, 2018