A price tailored to
your needs.

We want cities and municipalities of all sizes to be able to use FutureproofedCities and put their climate plans into action.

To accommodate for everyone's need, we developed a pricing policy that takes into account your number of citizens as base rate, with added reductions depending on the subscription period, the group size (if you join with other cities) and other conditions.

This method allows to keep the price as low as 250 euro per month, but it requires tailored calculations.

We'll have a comprehensive pricing table published on this page very soon, but until then, do feel free to contact us to request a quote. It is fast, non-binding, and allows for a chat about your specific requirement.


From the makers of FutureproofedCities.

Even if we didn’t have a climate crisis,
this would still be the smartest way to rebuild our economy.

For business we have a kick-ass consultancy team and an advanced framework to help companies determine their impact, create sustainable value, define an action plan, and spread the word about their efforts and progress.