Workshop - Creating Sustainable Value

Actionable insights for your corporate sustainability strategy

Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we identify your organisation’s key environmental, economic and social impact areas in a collaborative half-day workshop

We will inspire and challenge participants on sustainability, climate challenges, and best practices.

Our specialists will also apply the UN's SDGs to your specific business context.

The output will be translated into a set of key learnings to guide your company towards creating sustainable value

Let's talk about a made to measure workshop.

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Output of the workshop:

  • We identify your organisation’s key environmental, economic and social impact areas. 
  • Actionable insights into topics and SDGs you should prioritise to create real sustainable value
  • A base for a structured communication strategy around sustainability
  • A thorough and well-researched starting point for building a corporate sustainability strategy

How much does it cost?

    Our Creating Sustainable Value workshops start at € 6 500 (ex vat).

    We strongly believe in made to measure solutions, as each organisation has different needs.

    Get in touch for a chat about setting up the ideal workshop for your company.


    How can Futureproofed Business help your organisation?

    At Futureproofed, we believe accelerating to a fossil-free, sustainable future is arguably the biggest business opportunity in a century.

    We use an outcome driven innovation approach: we start from your business challenges and, backed by data, guide you to carbon emissions reduction.

    All while saving costs, reducing risks, developing new business opportunities, and reinforcing your brand.

    The move towards a fossil-free future helps to bring about business outcomes, today.


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