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  • Engage, motivate, inspire and convince your stakeholders.
  • Custom-made lectures focussing on specific issues with specific cases relevant to your event.
  • Experienced keynote speakers.

Why it matters.

We tell the story, show the change, be the change by engaging, motivating, inspiring and convincing people. We let the facts speak. Which mountain to climb and why this particular mountain. Why it is going to be better once we are there. Which steps we will take and what we expect to meet on the way. How we will solve it. How you can solve it. How it will create value for you and your company.

We offer custom-made lectures focusing on specific issues. These lectures are based on Futureproofed knowledge, experience and vision on how climate change solutions can be implemented. Every lecture is prepared with specific examples or cases that are relevant to the event.

Futureproofed, and especially Serge de Gheldere from his dual role as climate ambassador of Al Gore and as CEO of our company, is regularly asked to give lectures for a diverse audience. Serge spoke these last years for the European Energy Efficiency Forum, the Dubai CSR Summit, ACW, Deceunick, SAP Belgium, Business & Society, Entrepreneurship in Flanders, the Eco-house, Bosch, Built-nium, Grondmij, Vinçotte, Ecover, Fost+, etc.

Also Stephanie Van Breedam, consultant sustainability strategies and SDG-expert, is regularly asked to give lectures or participate as an expert in panel discussions for a diverse audience and topics. Stephanie spoke these last years for the City of Leuven, Antwerp Management School, Delhaize, Makro Metro on the sense of urgency and the role of the SDGs for businesses. She was keynote speaker at the Logistiekdag 2020 and on the Futureproof Transport Initiative conference. She also participated as an expert in a panel discussion on the role of facility management in the transition towards a circular and low carbon economy on the Seminar “20 Years FM in Belgium” organized by KI’Communiciations.


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At Futureproofed we bring people together who share a common purpose: fight climate change*. We think it is possible, we know it must be done. We’re focused on changing what we can change, as much as we can, using the best possible tools.

*We believe we can help build a fossil-free future in which hundreds of thousands of local jobs are added that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI; where citizens experience more prosperity, comfort and quality of life and in which cities become more livable, more resilient and more attractive.

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The future is yours for the taking and there’s no time like the present to get in touch with us to talk about sustainable opportunities for your city or business.

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