What we do

Sustainable strategies & value creation

  • Company wide vision for a sustainable future supported by your stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate your sustainability performance  linked to your overall business goals.
  • Build your image and strengthen your brand.
  • Anticipate risks and differentiate from your competitors.
  • Better and more effective management.

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Why it matters.

Climate change, resource depletion, population growth and loss of biodiversity are amongst the biggest global challenges of today, which might form a threat on the short or long term for your organisation.

To guarantee your future succes, you might need to adjust your strategy to turn these challenges into business opportunities.

Based on a systemic approach, with stakeholder interviews and interactive workshops, we evaluate future trends and their impact on your business. Futureproofed helps to assess key focus areas for sustainable succes and to develop a clear vision for the future using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. We translate this vision into actionable targets and help to formulate key performance indicators to follow-up on your progress. We work according to well-known guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Our approach:


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About us

We're Futureproofed.
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At Futureproofed we bring people together who share a common purpose: fight climate change*. We think it is possible, we know it must be done. We’re focused on changing what we can change, as much as we can, using the best possible tools.

*We believe we can help build a fossil-free future in which hundreds of thousands of local jobs are added that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI; where citizens experience more prosperity, comfort and quality of life and in which cities become more livable, more resilient and more attractive.

Would you really like to change the world?

The future is yours for the taking and there’s no time like the present to get in touch with us to talk about sustainable opportunities for your city or business.

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