Sustainability Strategy Trajectory

Preparing and implementing your company's sustainability strategy.

Futureproofed can assist your organisation in developing a sustainability strategy, based on a systemic approach and an intensive trajectory, that creates sustainable value for your organisation and the society at large.

We start by assessing key focus areas for sustainable success while developing a clear vision for the future using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.

We help translate this vision into actionable targets and help to formulate key performance indicators to follow-up on your progress.

To implement the strategy, Futureproofed assists with translating the targets into actions and define milestones and required resources in a detailed roadmap.

We also support companies to ‘spread the word’ to all stakeholders, and assist you in communicating on your sustainability impact and strategy.

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Output of the trajectory:

  • Actionable insights into topics and SDGs you should prioritise to create real sustainable value for the environment and society.
  • A company-wide vision for a sustainable future supported by your stakeholders.
  • A comprehensive set of targets and key performance indicators to measure progress.
  • An elaborate set of actions to ensure progress towards achieving the targets as set out in the strategy.
  • A vision roadmap that details milestones and required resources to realise the action plan and implement the strategy

How much does it cost?

    Our Sustainability Strategy Trajectory starts at € 20 000 (ex vat)

    We strongly believe in made to measure solutions, as no two organisation are the same.

    Get in touch for a chat about setting up the ideal strategy for your company.


    Don't just listen to us...

    D’Ieteren Immo

    We have the ambition to become a sustainable real estate company and a pioneer in the transition towards a liveable and sustainable society through innovation.

    Futureproofed helped us in translating this ambition into a company wide strategy for sustainable value creation.

    They guided us through an intensive bottom-up trajectory with external stakeholder consultations and interactive workshops that resulted in a clear set of priorities, targets and KPIs to follow up on our progress. - Paul Monville, CEO


    With a strong focus on renewable energy, we try to be a frontrunner in terms of sustainable development.

    Futureproofed has been our external advisor in this journey, and has been able to both enrich the trajectory, but at the same time challenge us throughout.

    They have done external SDG assessments on our main projects and tenders, using clear and objective metrics. It has made our thinking much more quantifiable, and that is to our opinion the road to a more sustainable company.” - Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO


    How can Futureproofed Business help your organisation?

    At Futureproofed, we believe accelerating to a fossil-free, sustainable future is arguably the biggest business opportunity in a century.

    We use an outcome driven innovation approach: we start from your business challenges and, backed by data, guide you to carbon emissions reduction.

    All while saving costs, reducing risks, developing new business opportunities, and reinforcing your brand.

    The move towards a fossil-free future helps to bring about business outcomes, today.


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