Measure your carbon footprint

Choose your scope, add direct, supply chain and financed CO2 emissions and get actionable insights from your automatically calculated footprint following global standards. All in close collaboration with your colleagues.

Define your scope

scope 1 2 3 emissions

Activate only relevant categories

— Select the appropriate emission categories, with help of our guidance

Measure your full carbon footprint across scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Toggle on emission categories that are relevant for your business operations with just one click.

Calculate your carbon footprint

calculate carbon footprint

Add emission sources

— Futureproofed automatically calculates your carbon footprint

Upload your emitting activities and get calculated emissions based on emission factors from databases. Assign emission sources to business sites and units, tag them, attach files and add descriptions.

financed emission calculation

Account for financed emissions

— In line with the PCAF framework

Model your financed emissions (Scope 3 Category 15 emissions) in Futureproofed and build a complete picture of your emissions attributable to financial institutions in line with the PCAF framework.

Get actionable insights

carbon footprint insights

In-depth analysis

— Spot the biggest opportunities to reduce

Pinpoint emission hotspots and identify reduction opportunities per business unit, business site or GHG-P category.

detailed carbon data

Drill down to granular views

— Zoom in on your emissions data

Get a detailed overview of the most polluting activities, locations or categories and delve deeper into the main cause.

Collaborate seamlessly

collaborate on carbon management

Invite and engage your colleagues

— Ask a colleague to add, review or modify emission sources

Collect data and exchange information with colleagues from other departments (HR, logistics, procurement, finance, etc.). Work together towards your net zero targets.

carbon accounting audit

Audit trail

— Validate and monitor activity from your team

What colleague made changes to what activities, emission categories or targets? Who entered what information when? Our audit trails show a sequential record of all the activity in Futureproofed.


“Futureproofed was head and shoulders above the rest: professional, very motivated, international and with a unique approach. More than software, they offer consultancy and advice.”


“The good thing about Futureproofed is that their experts are always available to offer support. Most other carbon accounting platforms can’t make that pledge.”

"We agreed from the beginning  to calculate our footprint in the most honest and complete way we can, without sliding into the greenwashing that one often sees. We stuck to that resolution very well."