Carbon Cap: measure, manage, and reduce your organisation’s carbon impact

Faster, more conveniently and at a lower cost

Carbon Cap is a cloud-based tool that allows you to measure, manage, and reduce your organisation’s carbon impact — with Futureproofed’s expertise and guidance at your side.

We enable your organisation to calculate direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 and 3) CO2e emissions per the leading global standards.

A climate roadmap with suggested actions, comprehensive graphs, and executive reporting will allow you to build strategies to reduce your carbon impact while collaborating with your colleagues.

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How Futureproofed Business can help your business
  • How our cloud based tool works
  • Easy data collection, tracking and validation
  • How to develop your carbon reduction roadmap

How can Futureproofed Business help your organisation?

We provide a reliable and convenient way to collect the data you need to get going. Trust the tool's data quality assurance for both collected data and carbon emission factors.

Calculate your carbon footprint per leading global standards such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

Translate your carbon reduction plans into action and take effective measures by focusing on expected emission reductions (CO2e) and financial (€) return.

Set science-based targets, take data- driven, reliable decisions to shape your sustainable business strategy. Execute on it collaboratively, reduce your carbon impact and seize business opportunities.

Report and communicate to your team, investors, clients and suppliers on your climate strategy progress and innovations.


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