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Carbon footprint

  • Map the carbon footprint of your organisation, product or supply chain.
  • Gain insight in greatest opportunities for impact reduction and economic gains.
  • Set targets to reduce your carbon impact.
  • Monitor and manage your costs and carbon savings.
  • Keep track and manage your reduction in carbon impact and review performance.
  • Steer strategic decision making.

Carbon footprint dashboard


Why it matters.

Good bookkeeping is essential for a financially healthy business. Mapping your carbon footprint forms a solid basis to engage in sustainable business innovation.

We have the expertise to calculate a carbon footprint for your organisation, product or supply chain. We do not deliver a one-off study, but rather a platform to help you track and manage your reduction in carbon impact. Our tool allows you to update your footprint on a yearly basis with Futureproofed as independent validator. Based on our expertise, we will formulate insights in a clear and engaging presentation to the relevant stakeholders in your city or organisation.

With the results of the footprint, you can see the greatest opportunities for impact reduction and economic gains, and wisely choose your battles.


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At Futureproofed we bring people together who share a common purpose: fight climate change*. We think it is possible, we know it must be done. We’re focused on changing what we can change, as much as we can, using the best possible tools.

*We believe we can help build a fossil-free future in which hundreds of thousands of local jobs are added that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI; where citizens experience more prosperity, comfort and quality of life and in which cities become more livable, more resilient and more attractive.

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