We help cities and companies lead the way towards a low-carbon future

Cities and companies need to spearhead the journey towards a low-carbon future. Only actions bring us closer to that future. At Futureproofed, we make it easier and more rewarding for you to take climate action, decrease your carbon footprint and change the world.

Our story

Our founder Serge de Gheldere has been on a mission to change the world for decades. In 1999, he established an ecodesign focused engineering company. In 2006 he became one of Al Gore’s two first European 'Climate Ambassadors'.

Climate expert Steven Van Praet, who studied with Serge, soon joined him in his mission. Since then, they have gathered an enthusiastic team of engineers and domain experts.

In 2016, we initiated the third phase of Futureproofed: evolving from a consultancy to a SaaS + services company. We developed the Futureproofed SaaS platforms, which we combine with our expert advice to help cities and businesses reduce greenhouse gases and build climate plans to transition to a low-carbon world.  Willem Delbaere, successful serial SaaS entrepreneur and co-founder of Teamleader (sold to Visma), and Officient (sold to Exact)  joined as CTO to lay the foundation of the Futureproofed SaaS platforms.

Everyone single team member at Futureproofed is here to help reduce our collective impact on climate change and help build an attractive, sustainable future.

Our team

Futureproofed is a team of 20+ enthusiasts with a mix of idealism, expertise and business thinking. We’re all passionate about being part of the solution. So, we’re constantly refining our software platform and deepening our know-how to help you lead the way towards a low-carbon future. From understanding your carbon footprint, to managing it and taking action. We’re always available. We’re in it together.

Who's in the lead?

Serge de Gheldere
Steven Van Praet
Maarten Van Hoorickx

Who guides your company to net-zero?

Stef Vervaet
Sustainable Business Consultant
Vere Leybaert
Sustainable Business Consultant
Bert Stoelen
Sustainable Business Consultant
Bets Goetschalckx
Sustainable Business Consultant
Gaël Boels
Sustainable Business Consultant

Who's coaching cities and municipalities?

Annabel Vanhoven
City Climate Coach
Noëmie Van den Bon
City Climate Coach

Who's growing the community?

Siemon Peeters
Growth Marketer
Aurore de Halleux
Business Development

Who are the product magicians?

Antonio Arce Romero
Climate Action Specialist
Luka Obuljen
Product Manager
Isa Sebrechts
Lead Developer
Stijn Van Bergen
Front-end Developer
Joren Lauryssen
Back-end Developer
Kateryna Lisabeth
Front-end Developer
Berna Polat
Front-end Developer
Bert Ramakers
Back-end Developer
Rafael Martins
UX/UI Designer

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Businesses that reduce their carbon footprint:

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Cities that take climate action:

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