Climate tech made human

There’s climate technology. There’s climate consultancy. Then there’s Futureproofed. Our carbon management platform is not just built by our carbon experts, it also comes with our coaching and advice. Your win: a human approach to climate tech, making it easier for you to take climate action.

Futureproofed carbon management software

Software rooted in experience and passion

Easy-to-use, proven SaaS platform

Easy to onboard, use and integrate: user-friendliness is key for a successful carbon management tool.

So, we packed all our expertise and experience into two convenient SaaS platforms – for businesses and for cities – with powerful features that make carbon management easy.

Expert, experienced and enthusiastic team

Carbon management is not just a business. It’s been our passion – and our concern – for 15+ years.

We’ve calculated carbon footprints and developed climate action roadmaps for cities and organisations around the globe. We share it with you from day 1 of our partnership. From onboarding, coaching, analysis and reporting to support: we’ve always got you covered!

Driven by positive return, not just compliance

We believe the need to report and comply as a business or city is an excellent starting point for climate action.

However, cities and companies can go beyond compliance and unlock countless benefits from executing boldly on their climate plans.

Reap the benefits and become a more attractive place to live and work.

Our approach

We designed the Futureproofed platforms to measure, reduce and report the carbon footprint of your business or city - to help you achieve a true impact. Here’s what we do:


Calculate your carbon footprint, following global standards, and see the impact of measures on emissions and cost savings.


Build your carbon reduction roadmap and turn it into actions, together with colleagues, peers and other stakeholders.


Compose investor-grade reports in line with global standards and communicate transparently with everyone involved.

Get started today!

Businesses that reduce their carbon footprint:

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Cities that take climate action:

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