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What you get on a demo

  • Get a free walk-through of FutureproofedCities to explore the relevant functionalities for your needs.
  • Get responses for all your questions during a 30-40 minutes session with one of our coaches.
  • At the end of the session you will have a clear view of how FutureproofedCities can help your city to go from plan to climate action.

Start improving your city today with FutureproofedCities

  • Develop, implement and monitor your climate plan.
  • Easily collaborate with peers.
  • Share & learn.
  • Engage citizens & stakeholders.
  • Get industry-leading support.

What our users say

Such a relief, to have found the perfect tool to keep up with real progress of climate measures and actions and their true impact.

- Kim Wyns - Sustainability expert, municipality of Dilbeek

The regional view gives us the opportunity to monitor and support our municipalities in their climate policy.

- Elke Delbare - Environmental advisor, intercomunnal association Haviland

The greatest asset of FutureproofedCities is that it makes the efforts of cities and municipalities visible to policy makers and citizens.

- Hanne Keunen - Environment & Nature, province of Limburg

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