A challenging future
holds unprecedented opportunities

Sometimes it seems like communities around the world are facing an impossible task — transitioning to a fossil-free, sustainable economy while meeting the world's growing water, food, energy, and materials needs.

Yet, we believe that these challenges bring about unprecedented opportunity for people, cities, and businesses to thrive. In fact, we believe the biggest business opportunity in a century is knocking on our door.

Our goal is to be catalysts of this transition.
Therefore, we provide two services:

  • Sustainable consultancy, for businesses who strive to be sustainable

  • FutureproofedCities tool, for cities & municipalities to manage their climate action plans in one online tool

Proactive, visionary cities and companies lead the transition and profit from it right now.


Moving to a futureproofed economy brings about very real, tangible benefits, today.

From climate change to
sustainable business outcomes

At Futureproofed we use an outcome driven innovation approach: we always start from your most important business challenges. Then, backed by data, we guide you to reduce your carbon emissions while saving costs, reducing risks, developing new business opportunity, and reinforcing your brand.

Time and again, our customers see for themselves that the move towards a fossil-free future helps to bring about very tangible business outcomes, today.



Futureproofed business solutions for you

We know our stuff. That’s why we’re able to provide four types of services that create real value for our customers.

Carbon and environmental management tools will help reduce your operational costs and long-term risks. Sustainable business development workshops assist your company in defining viable business goals and developing new products and services. Sustainability storytelling helps you share your success stories in a clear-cut and compelling way, giving your brand the recognition it deserves and inspiring others to follow your lead. And through it all, Futureproofed is coaching and encouraging you to really understand the challenges of your business and help turn them into economic and ecological opportunities instead. Whichever service(s) is right for you, you’ll be sure to see tangible business outcomes that will speed up your transition to a profitable and sustainable economy.

Find out how you can benefit from our tools and strategies that are helping both companies and cities to take the lead in the next industrial revolution.

Sparring, coaching Sustainable business innovation Sustainability storytelling and awareness Carbon and environmental management

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 Who we work for

Who we work for


City climate dashboard


Discover our consultancy customers

Think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective. Serge and his team assisted us in the organisation of a three-day conference in Rotterdam. We experienced Futureproofed as a highly professional and competent facilitator. They’ve challenged our youngsters and I was more than happy with the quality of new ideas that came out of the conference. Plans are already underway for a next event.
— Alain Bernard, CEO DEME
With the Covenant of Mayors we’re taking up a binding engagement to do better than the provincial plan of Climate neutral organisation 2020.
We asked Futureproofed to help us map the carbon footprint of Mechelen, as well as to help us develop a reduction roadmap which will be used by the city council as a starting point to set up city-wide policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
Futureproofed was very rigorous in mapping our carbon footprint but also provided concrete actions. It’s now up to us to realise our energy saving potential and pave the way for a zero carbon future.
— Marina De Bie, Deputy mayor, City of Mechelen inter alia for the environment, climate and energy
With our company we want to create added value on a sustainable way. Gaining insight into the environmental impact of your business is important to get CO2 on your radar and get to look at reduction potential. Futureproofed helped us in preparing our first carbon footprint, where we used the GHG Protocol as a guideline. Through this joint project, our engineers are now able to refine and update our numbers each year. Before we publish our results in the annual report, we do an external audit. This boosts the quality of our data systematically and we learn continuously.
— Jef Colruyt, CEO Colruyt Group
GE Lighting is pivoting from a product manufacturer to a system solution provider focussed on customer outcomes. I believe Futureproofed did a great job because they were able to analyse, verify and visualise the results we deliver with our systems. Futureproofed is a very hands-on and agile company with visionary ideas. Their approach really helped us to propel this project forward.
— Stefano Chiavegati, EMEA Marketing Director at GE Lighting

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