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Regions and cities are using the FutureproofedCities community to exchange ideas and find inspiration for climate actions that actually work.

The community is one of the better networks anyone involved with climate action can reach out to to know which actions work, which don’t, and to conquer common struggles.

Gawein Van Daele

Sustainability Officer - Municipality Zaventem


Discover which regions and cities are using FutureproofedCities and how taking and how they communicate with their citizens.

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Who works with FutureproofedCities

City officers from several departments and coordinators are working together in the tool to implement action, follow its progress, communicate with citizens and present results to aldermen and mayors.

  • Sustainability officers
  • Mobility officers
  • Communication officers
  • Climate coordinators
The tool is a handy platform where everything our city does regarding climate can be held together in one place. This way, our citizens, companies, but also other city services are aware of our climat actions.

Karine De Batselier

Climate Coordinator - City of Bruges



Municipalities, cities and regions have different needs when it comes to climate plans. That’s why our membership plans are adapted for each situation.

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