From climate plan to climate action


Climate change has become part of our daily life and fingers often point to cities and municipalities to take responsibility. Many have been working hard already on a climate plan to reach CO2 targets.

Whether or not your city already has a climate plan, FutureproofedCities allows you to easily create one by adding your climate measures and actions in the tool. Qualitative data shows the history of your city's emissions and estimates future emission savings by taking your measures and actions into account. 

You can’t have a climate conversation without cities being part of it.
— Tom Osdoba, partner & advisor at Climate-KIC


  • ✓ Historical and projected emissions
  • ✓ Access to member only events
  • ✓ Invite colleagues (unlimited users per account)
  • ✓ Add predefined or new actions and measures
  • ✓ Define responsibilities per measure or action
  • ✓ Choose what to show on public page
  • ✓ Download reports

    actions/measures, costs/savings/cashflows, per sector or measure

  • ✓ Group overview for regions

    included in 2-year and 3-year plans


  • ✓ In-tool help center, response within minutes
  • ✓ Onboarding and support sessions
  • ✓ Access to community events
  • ✓ Regular check-ups with our team
  • ✓ SEAP reporting

    included in 2-year and 3-year plans)

  • ✓ Analysis of progress and recommendations from our team

    included in 2-year and 3-year plans


Overview all climate actions and follow progress


FutureproofedCities is here for municipalities, cities and regions to develop a climate plan and monitor progress in two dimensions:

Internally: easily develop a climate plan with key persons in your city and visually monitor progress.

Externally: share your efforts with the public and show citizens and companies within your city how they can participate.


Develop & focus


Easily develop your city’s climate plan.
Add relevant measures and actions from a predefined list and adapt them to your city’s goals. Immediately see the impact on CO2 emissions and cost savings.

💡Our tip
Focus on the measures with the biggest impact (‘weight’ in the overview).


Monitor & manage


Qualitative data shows your city’s historical and projected emission by taking your measures and actions into account. Check the prediction for the future. Will your city reach its CO2 target?

💡 Our tip
Invite team members and relevant parties in different sectors to your plan. Add the right person responsible for each action to collaborate and reach your intended goal.


Share & learn


Use the tool as your ticket to an experienced community. 62 other cities are trying to reduce their city’s emissions as well. They know what works and what doesn’t.

For any questions, doubts or just inspiration, make sure to use the in-tool community. Discover other cities’ best practices and share your own actions. Inspire each other!

After all, we’re all in this together, right?


Engage & act


Let the world know you’re actually participating in the climate change solution. Choose which measures and actions you share with the public and invite companies and citizens to act as well. They too are responsible for your city’s emissions.

Province, region or city network?
Use FutureproofedCities as a cockpit account to get an overview of all climate actions and manage cities and municipalities in your region.
👉🏻 Visit Limburg’s public page (province)
👉🏻 Visit Haviland’s public page (intercommunal)

We got tired of waiting for the government, so we chose to act instead. We developed our climate plan with FutureproofedCities. Thanks to the tool, our city can be part of the transition now.


When it comes to support, you can rest assured that you will get all the help in the world. Our tool gets continuous updates and our team is fully dedicated to making sure you know how to find your way.


We’re proud of our users and love to hear the different stories from each city. That’s why we bring together our community several times a year. It’s an ideal way to share and learn from each other.


We’ve got different pricing plans for municipalities, cities and city networks/regions. Learn more about the benefits and pricing of each of our membership plans.

More about FutureproofedCities?

Discover the benefits for your city, municipality or region within our free tool guide.