Sustainable Business Development


Sustainable Strategies

Although many organizations already engage in various sustainability efforts, they often lack an overall vision linking sustainability with business success for the future. Futureproofed helps your organization to develop a sustainable strategy that can serve as an internal compass for your employees and an external statement of engagement towards your clients and other stakeholders.

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Sustainable Business Innovation

FP provides presentations and demo’s to create awareness and insights in disruptive environmental and technological changes for the future. Through interactive workshops, we help you to generate ideas, from high-end, visionary insights to real business opportunities and down to earth, actionable items that can be put into practice.

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Sustainability Assessments & Surveys

Futureproofed assesses your projects or company within the UN SDG framework, allowing you to compare and evaluate the sustainability of your current and future projects.


Sustainability Tool

A tailor-made sustainability tool allows you to regularly assess the sustainability of your company, keeping you on track towards reaching your business goals.