Sustainability Awareness Presentation

Our special secret sauce and the reason behind our approach. Constantly reminding people about our motives. Telling the story, showing the change, being the change. Engaging, motivating, inspiring and convincing.

Change is not only achievable, it is fun too. We are all about change. We visit you on a Brompton or with a Tesla. We let the facts speak, we tell the story. Which mountain to climb and why this particular mountain. Why it is going to be better once we are there. Which steps we will take and what we expect to meet on the way. How we will solve it. How you can solve it. How it will create value for you and your company.


We offer custom-made lectures focusing on specific issues. These lectures are based on Futureproofed knowledge, experience and vision on how climate change solutions can be implemented. Every lecture is prepared with specific examples or cases that are relevant to the event.

Futureproofed, and especially Serge de Gheldere from his dual role as climate ambassador of Al Gore and as CEO of our company, is regularly asked to give lectures for a diverse audience. Thus Serge spoke these last years for the European Energy Efficiency Forum, the Dubai CSR Summit, ACW, Deceunick, SAP Belgium, Business & Society, Entrepreneurship in Flanders, the Eco-house, Bosch, Built-nium, Grondmij, Vinçotte, Ecover, Fost+, etc.