Sustainability Storytelling & Awareness

By raising awareness with motivational speeches, we’ll help your customers, stakeholders and coworkers move from a responsibility mindset. Along the same lines, we can help you craft and tell your sustainable succes stories in a sustainability report. 

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Sustainability Storytelling & Reporting

How do you communicate about your strategy, actions or results in a way your audience can understand? Do you need an extra voice to share insights? Futureproofed can assist you behind the screens. What to say. How to say it. We endorse your story to highlight the benefits, without greenwashing your message.


Sustainability Workshops

Through interactive workshops, we help you to generate ideas, from high-end, visionary insights to real business opportunities and down to earth, actionable items that can be put into practice. Moreover, Futureproofed backbones your single- or multi-day conferences to engage employees in an in-depth ideation process. Therefore we developed a framework to help organizations kick-start exploring and experimenting with new concepts for successful innovation.


Sustainability Awareness Presentation

Is climate change really that bad? Where are you going with your company? How do you get your team on board? Do you want to learn more about the opportunities linked to the circular fossil-free economy? We offer an interactive tailor-made presentation for any level in your organisation.