Life cycle impact for Melotte

The Context
Melotte is a global solution provider that implements the first major paradigm shift in metal manufacturing technology: moving from global, analog, subtractive processes to local, additive, direct digital manufacturing. The energy saved at every step of the digital manufacturing process, from reduction in materials used, through near zero logistics, to dramatically less energy expended in making the product leads to a potential for energy efficiency beyond anything imaginable.

The Challenge
Mario Fleurinck, CEO of Melotte and founder of InnoCrowd asked Futureproofed to objectively quantify difference in life cycle impact between the past and the future of dental prosthesis manufacturing.

The Trajectory

  • First bite. Futureproofed used SimaPro software to examine the different steps in a dental prosthesis’ life cycle: from mining to end-of-life, from production to transport.

  • Second bite. Afterwards we compared the two processes, the list of products used, the energy consumption and found that Direct Digital Manufacturing scored up to 8 times better than traditional analog manufacturing. Superior quality products with dramatically reduced time, costs, carbon and resource impact.

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Results en Resolutions
The results were published. Melotte’s CEO Mario Fleurincks received the local VOKA Innovation Award in 2009, the ITM Award for best practices in Manufacturing and was chosen Cleantech ambassador. In Günter Pauli's business model of The Blue Economy his vision is mentioned as one of the 50 of reference cases for the Blue Economy! Through InnoCrowd, Mario Fleurinck is building a network of regional direct digital manufacturing centers around the world. This means shipping bits and CAD data instead of components and materials.

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“Each of us lives with the certainty that we evolve! In our evolution - from analogue to digital product solutions - we found not only in Futureproofed an ally but also a critical analyst. Life cycle analysis are interesting trajectories and places our “being” in a clear and calculable perspective, and within this process Futureproofed is extremely valuable.”

— Mario Fleurinck, CEO Melotte en founder van InnoCrowd


Country: Belgium
Client: Melotte
Sector: Digital Manufacturing
Services: Carbon & environmental management
Year: 2011

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And what have we learned for your benefit? A very-well prepared data sheet from the client can drastically increase the efficiency of the footprint analysis. Through Melotte we also gained new expertise concerning production processes.