Factor 10 CEO Summit

The Context
Futureproofed has succesfully launched the second edition of the Factor 10 CEO summit, the event formerly known as the Factor 10 Project.
A get together of 25 Belgian CEO's and decision makers with the goal to meet new friends, learn new skills and expand horizons in sustainable business thinking.

CEO's that try to lead a sustainable business are often confronted with all kinds of obstacles: internal resistance against change, tension between long term vision and short term profit, breaking through the existing market demands, strong lobby's...

But there are also plenty of success stories to be found. Our 25 sustainable CEO's prove that it is possible to achieve change. With the Factor 10 CEO summit we hope to contribute to the scaling up of these succes stories and to the acceleration of the transition to a low carbon and profitable future.

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The agenda

Lots of fun
With the CEO speed dating, a yummy vegetarian lunch and an exciting office bike race called 'A CEO on a reasonably priced Brompton'.

Lots of serious stuff
With the Breaking news presentation of Futureproofed on the carbon bubble. The alarming concept of a carbon bubble is getting more and more mainstream. For more information, read the updated Carbon Tracker Report, in collaboration with Nicolas Stern and the London School of Economics. Their warning is supported by organisations including HSBC, Citi, Standard and Poor's and the International Energy Agency.

The presentation of Futureproofed was followed by the gripping lecture of Roger Cox on the huge societal challenges of oil decline, climate change and the failure of democracy.

Lots of inspiration
With a very-behind-the-screens presentation of Thomas Leysen on the transformation of Umicore, and an afternoon workshop on multi actor collaboration.

Country: Belgium
Client: Factor 10
Sector: Private
Services: Sparring, coaching
Year: 2013

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