Energy-friendly solutions for water and heating (Van Marcke)

The Context
Van Marcke sells bathrooms and wellness, heating and cooling installations and kitchens. For years, they have been at the forefront of energy-friendly solutions for water and heating. Very aware of today’s challenges, they want to fight climate change by offering energy-efficient solutions and informing their consumers about them. In November 2009 they opened the ‘Big Blue’, a unique expertise and sales centre in Brussels.

The Challenge
How do you create a unique information and sales centre for energy friendly heating and energy and water solutions? How do you bring a concept like ‘The Big Blue’ to life?

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The Trajectory
Futureproofed played a major part in the realisation of this concept of this center.

  • Advise. We advised Van Marcke on renovating a non-residential building up to passive house standards. A first in Belgium!

  • Calculations. We measured and designed the top 10 places to intervene to reduce the carbon and energy impact in a household.

  • Design. We helped translate technical insights into a more people-centric environment that would resonate with customers of all kinds.

Results and Resolutions
The Big Blue is the first non-residential building that is up to passive house standards. As information and sale centre Big Blue targets both professionals and consumers. Today it’s also a training ground for installers. That way, Van Marcke wishes to commit not only to rationalise water and energy use but also to reduce CO2 emissions.

Country: Belgium
Client: Van Marcke
Sector: Distribution/Retail
Services: Carbon & environmental management; Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2009

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