Catalytic clothing opportunities (Ecover)

The Context
Ecover, who produces non-pollutant washing products, was a partner in an international project and experiment on catalytic clothing. The goal of this experiment: to explore how clothing and textiles can be used as a catalytic surface to purify air, using safe and existing technology in a new way. It is the brainchild of artist / designer Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan – people from very different worlds whose minds have come together over recent years in highly successful art/science collaborations.

The Challenge
How can you get all stakeholders to collaborate and create art interventions in London and around the world to engage the public domain, and help us shape the world for the better.

The Trajectory

  • Creating sparks. Futureproofed brought forward ideas to engage the public domain, identified leverage opportunities for this technologies, and acted as catalyst between the art, design and science world.

  • Pluggingin. We also used visual thinking, brainstorming and project planning skills to take participants from high level inspiration to specific projects, deliverables and next actions.

Ecov 1.jpg
Ecov 2.jpg

And what have we learned for your benefit? Nothing is impossible. Even the craziest and most ambitious ideas can work.

Country: London & International
Client: Ecover
Sector: Cleaning Industry/Textile/R&D
Services: Sustainability storytelling & awareness
Year: 2010

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