IADC: Annual Future Event

The Challenge
The International Association for Dredging Companies (IADC) was looking for a platform where young professionals from the dredging sector can connect while gaining insight into the pressing issues facing the dredging industry’s future.

Future Event : “Peering into dredging’s Future” 
With this objective in mind, IADC set up an event “Peering into Dredging’s Future” in Hilvarenbeek in the Netherlands. Approximately 70 dredging professionals from various dredging organisations attended the event. The theme of the event was explored from two different angels, ‘drivers’ and ‘innovation’ in inspiring lectures from Serge de Gheldere from Futureproofed and Julius Sen from the London School of Economics. The lectures were followed by interactive workshop sessions focusing on trends and innovation. Futureproofed facilitated several sessions to explore business innovation opportunities related to low carbon solutions, renewable energy, ecosystems protection, big data and artificial intelligence. 


Outcomes for IADC and participants
Through the lectures and workshops, Futureproofed helped the participants to understand their common challenges and to explore how innovative change can be realised within their sector. The IADC plans to organise this event every year.


“Together with Futureproofed, IADC developed a format for its first networking event. Lecturers from within the association, Futureproofed and the London School of Economics addressed relevant facets of the dredging industry resulting in an inspiring programme for those in attendance. Following the networking event, the generated momentum will be maintained by staying in touch with participants. The event was the first in a new series of annual meetings which will encourage and stimulate innovative thinking and activity within the dredging industry.”

— René Kolman - President IADC


Country: The Netherlands
Client: IADC
Sector: Dredging
Service: Sustainable strategy workshop
Year: 2017, 2018, 2019