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Multiplatform dashboard realised for GE Lighting (2015)

Multiplatform dashboard realised for GE Lighting (2015)

Data is a hard to process, verify and compile. It is time consuming to visualise and share the results for every meeting, report of request for information. And if you have great sustainability stories, what do they do for the whole or compare to a business as usual? It is not easy to keep people aligned and share your sustainability successes.

The data processing can be done with an offline excel sheet but this approach is cumbersome, error-prone and labor intensive. It is possible to change to an online, verified, real-time and scalable dashboard solution.


By monitoring real-time data, it is possible to relate sustainability causes and effects. Putting data to work and sharing it on a management platform will build interdepartmental alignment. Data doesn't lie. This in turn will drive internal (enterprise-wide) sustainability awareness and innovation. It will also verify your sustainability stories and build external understanding


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