Think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective. Serge and his team assisted us in the organisation of a three-day conference in Rotterdam. We experienced Futureproofed as a highly professional and competent facilitator. They’ve challenged our youngsters and I was more than happy with the quality of new ideas that came out of the conference. Plans are already underway for a next event
— Alain Bernard, CEO DEME
Het dashboard Mechelen Klimaatneutraal maakt het mogelijk voor ons om het behalen van de beoogde emissiereductie continu te evalueren. We krijgen zicht op (het succes van) onze acties en volgen de implementatie van onze campagne continu op; samen met alle inwoners. Van zodra wij het weten, verschijnt de informatie immers automatisch op onze website. Zo maken we van Mechelen Klimaatneutraal een collectieve uitdaging voor alle Mechelse actoren. Het dashboard is eenvoudig te beheren en we kunnen zelf extra informatie toevoegen!
— Arnout Ruelens, Stad Mechelen
GE Lighting is pivoting from a product manufacturer to a system solution provider focussed on customer outcomes. I believe Futureproofed did a great job because they were able to analyse, verify and visualise the results we deliver with our systems. Futureproofed is a very hands-on and agile company with visionary ideas. Their approach really helped us to propel this project forward.
— Stefano Chiavegati, EMEA Marketing Director at GE Lighting
With the Covenant of Mayors we’re taking up a binding engagement to do better than the provincial plan of Climate neutral organisation 2020.
We asked Futureproofed to help us map the carbon footprint of Mechelen, as well as to help us develop a reduction roadmap which will be used by the city council as a starting point to set up city-wide policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
Futureproofed was very rigorous in mapping our carbon footprint but also provided concrete actions. It’s now up to us to realise our energy saving potential and pave the way for a zero carbon future.
— Marina De Bie, Deputy mayor, City of Mechelen inter alia for the environment, climate and energy
At Tessenderlo Group, we see business opportunities in addressing unsustainable practices. In a pilot project, Futureproofed helped us in choosing our battles, focusing on the levers that have the biggest impact on the climate, water consumption and ultimately, shared value creation. It is refreshing to see how Futureproofed not just shares our view on the role of business in sustainable development, but actually helps us achieve it.
— Frank Coenen, CEO of Tessenderlo Group
With our company we want to create added value on a sustainable way. Gaining insight into the environmental impact of your business is important to get CO2 on your radar and get to look at reduction potential. Futureproofed helped us in preparing our first carbon footprint, where we used the GHG Protocol as a guideline. Through this joint project, our engineers are now able to refine and update our numbers each year. Before we publish our results in the annual report, we do an external audit. This boosts the quality of our data systematically and we learn continuously.
— Jef Colruyt, CEO Colruyt Group
Futureproofed not only supported us on technical issues concerning the Covenant of Mayors but also guided us in developing our action plan. Their climate-actions tool provided us with many different insights and allowed us to test and tweak the different measures of our action plan.
Futureproofed worked towards clear deadlines but was also flexible to shift when needed or to take a sprint if the project demanded it.
It was great to be able to call them anytime we faced difficult questions or decisions. Their advice and expert opinion was what we needed to successfully deliver such a complex SEAP.
— Kristof Van Gansen, projectleader Waasland Klimaatland
Futureproofed really helped REcentre all along the line, defining the right questions and providing the methodology to get the right answers.
— Marc Van den Broeck, Entrepreneurship & Research Officer REcentre
Vilvoorde believes in the potential of the Covenant of Mayors to reduce our impact whilst helping our citizens to lower their energy bill, live in more comfortable houses and enjoy being in their city. We are one of the cities that chose to use an external partner to develop our SEAP roadmap. We really see the difference in the progress of this project and the quality of our SEAP roadmap. Futureproofed helped us developing a vision on sustainability together with our citizens. Apart from supporting us with their expertise on the raw data and calculations, they also helped us in our communication.
— Pascal Moons, sustainability responsible Vilvoorde
I believe Alpro is a frontrunner on sustainability. Nevertheless it is challenging to manage and focus all the great projects we are doing. We asked Futureproofed to help us with a framework for all these projects and with the integration in our new 2020 strategy.
I am very familiar with their hands-on methodology and when customized for Alpro in an efficient workshop, we were able to get the maximum out of all the stakeholders during that afternoon. I now feel the strategy is more clear than ever and everybody is aligned around this renewed strategy.
— Greet Vanderheyden, Sustainable Development Manager Alpro
The mission of MIWA is to develop a uniform and sustainable waste and material strategy by efficiently managing household waste to support a better environment. When Sint-Niklaas started working on their climate action plan we immediately supported it by becoming a industry pioneer. We contacted Futureproofed after I attended a workshop for the climate action plan.
Futureproofed helped us to calculate and understand our CO2 emissions. Even more important is they gave a nuanced but clear overview of our avoided emissions.
— Sven Peeters, CEO MIWA
We needed help to explain our city departments the opportunities of our SEAP roadmap. We asked Futureproofed to coach us translating the technical roadmap into tangible outcomes. Futureproofed helped us linking SEAP roadmap measures to the department goals and responsibilities. Maybe a detail, but Vilvoorde is the first city in the region ‘Vlaams-Brabant’ with an approved SEAP.
— Pascale Fraipont, head environmental department Vilvoorde
Futureproofed has supported DEME and GeoSea to discover the real force of innovation, always in line with true sustainability!
— Luc Vandenbulcke, Deputy COO, Managing Director GeoSea
Primewater has a proven track-record in the B2B market for water purification. We believed the introduction of Fontinet to the consumer market needed extra leverage and therefore contacted Futureproofed to study Fontinet’s environmental Impact. Futureproofed not only confirmed the huge advantage in comparison to PET bottled water, they also provided very clear visuals to support our communication strategy. It is very convincing for your customer to have your added value so clearly visualised.
— Joop Scharstuhl, founder of Primewater
Triodos Bank is a globally recognised leader in impact investing and sustainable banking. We wanted to organise and structure our knowledge on sustainable buildings in order to simplify the credit assessments.

Futureproofed delivered the tool to help our credit assessors to do their job more efficiently. Now, our customers understand better what we define as a sustainable building.
— Koen Van Echelpoel, Go to Market manager at Triodos Bank
The mission of Schoenen Torfs is ‘People, planet, profit’. It is therefore logical that we want to tackle our CO2 footprint. In Futureproofed we found the perfect partner. Not only they made us a very clear audit with very concrete recommendations on CO2 reduction, but they also played an important role in raising awareness of our employees. No theoretical consultants in suits, but men & women of flesh and blood that touched the hearts of the Torfs community... and that is essential for a company that goes for change!
— Wouter Torfs, CEO Schoenen Torfs
Based on the results and many recommendations by Futureproofed, we have developed a climate plan. This plan has been based on participation of local communities, civil society, companies, schools and other partners. Our next step is to get funding for these climate actions, because we can only become carbon neutral if we all work together.
— Tie Roefs, Vice-governor Flemish Brabant for environment
The vision of our company states that our highest goal is to safeguard our existence beyond many future generations. Everything we do should therefore contribute to the sustainable growth of our company’s environment: our people, our suppliers but also our responsibility to our society. After meeting Steven and Mieke from Futureproofed we finally found the right partners to give us a detailed view on our impact to that society. No “greenwashing” or fluffy messages but straight forward data without the loss of the economic goal: increase our profit by contributing to the welbeeing of the people around us, making plans to become even better and grow in a sustainable way.
— Peter Van Hoecke, CEO Van Hoecke
Futureproofed assisted us in the conception and organisation of a convention on innovation for DEME. Serge and his team were very pro-active, quickly familiarised themselves with the very specific challenges, and moreover, really helped us define ways to turn these challenges into opportunities for our company over the course of the process. I cannot recommend Futureproofed enough as project facilitators - their input and structured approach enabled our employees to come up with no less than 1600 innovative ideas resulting in 200 potential opportunities. Futureproofed will continue to accompany us in refining these further.
— Philip Hermans, General manager DEME
Futureproofed helped Durabrik Group to further define its main strategic sustainability features for its construction and site development features. In this way, Durabrik is now differentiating itself from other turnkey contractors in the Belgian construction market.
— Steven Vanden Brande, Durabrik Group
We decided to implement shared value in our core strategy.
We asked Futureproofed to help us shape and implement this strategy. They tailored their proven methodology to our specific needs through a careful workshop preparation. I really feel their approach made sustainability a key innovation driver in the minds of our people.
The result of the work Futureproofed did for these two business lines will serve as an example for the whole group. We have chosen the path of sustainability for our future.
— Jean-Pierre De Kesel, Recticel Chief Sustainability Officer
As a high-end office furniture manufacturing company, we always have been pioneers in the business. Sustainability was the next step in innovating our products. Futureproofed’s study gave us valuable insights in which aspects of the production process had significant reduction potential. They not only pinpointed these hotspots but also quantified them. We are now using their insights in every new product design to ensure our clients only get the best.
— Jan Aerts, creative manager BULO
Each of us lives with the certainty that we evolve! In our evolution - from analogue to digital product solutions - we found not only in Futureproofed an ally but also a critical analyst. Life cycle analysis are interesting trajectories and places our “being” in a clear and calculable perspective, and within this process Futureproofed is extremely valuable.
— Mario Fleurinck, CEO Melotte en founder van InnoCrowd
ONDD is a specialist through and through, and a point of reference in the sector, and we wanted to define a professional focus in our CSR policy. Futureproofed helped us to find this focus and to align our CSR policy with our traditional corporate goals. We have learned to see that CSR is not about following a long list of rules, but about a new way of looking at things, and to discover new opportunities.
— Nabil Jijakli, Secretary General ONDD
As a company with a very strong commitment to sustainable solutions, both in housing (passive & zero energy) and districts (ecovillage), a screening from Futureproofed is an absolute must. Not only for optimizing purposes, but also to make things measurable.
— Stefaan Bostoen, CEO Bostoen