Are you aware of the societal, technological, economic disruptions that lie ahead for your company? When people think of a future period, they intuitively assume that the current rate of progress will continue for the years to come. The development is exponential and you need to act pro-actively to stay ahead of your competition.

We provide presentations and demo’s to create awareness and insights in disruptive environmental and technological changes for the future. Through interactive workshops, we help you to will generate ideas, from high-end, visionary insights to real business opportunities and down to earth, actionable items that can be put into practice. 


Outcomes of the workshop

  • Actionable business ideas to transform towards a future-ready organisation
  • Strong basis for continuous and pro-active development of new opportunities in an in-company follow-up program
  • Enhanced team recognition, inspiration, motivation, buy-in and connectedness
 Innovation conference with DEME (December 2015)

Innovation conference with DEME (December 2015)


Related projects

Futureproofed assisted us in the conception and organisation of a convention on innovation for DEME. Serge and his team were very pro-active, quickly familiarised themselves with the very specific challenges, and moreover, really helped us define ways to turn these challenges into opportunities for our company over the course of the process. I cannot recommend Futureproofed enough as project facilitators - their input and structured approach enabled our employees to come up with no less than 1600 innovative ideas resulting in 200 potential opportunities. Futureproofed will continue to accompany us in refining these further.
— Philip Hermans, General manager DEME